Researcher Info

ORION is an inclusive and collaborative PBRN Project

The ORION Project is at its heart an inclusive and collaborative initiative and there are excellent opportunities and benefits for those interested in conducting rigorous osteopathy research to engage with and utilise the project.  The invitation to collaborate and utilise the ORION PBRN as a resource for ongoing research investigation is open to early-career and senior researchers, clinicians who may wish to partner in research activity as well as PhD students and potential PhD candidates looking to examine a specific area of osteopathy. There is an important and essential opportunity for all interested researchers (beyond the ARCCIM UTS team) to participate and draw upon the ORION project and a core aim of the Project is to encourage and facilitate collaboration and coordination of osteopathic research activity across Australia and institutions.

Drawing upon and utilising the ORION project to conduct further research has a number of significant benefits. Such utilisation of the ORION PBRN infrastructure and platform will provide an opportunity to:

  • Maximise cost efficiency and time savings particularly regarding project start-up (including recruitment and access);
  • Build upon the established ORION branding and marketing activities;
  • Draw upon an established large-scale national network of committed practitioners aiding coverage, recruitment and retention of participants and strengthening the validity and impact of your research;
  • Gain additional expert advice and input from the ORION Chief Investigators (as required and/or requested).

Research teams (external to the ARCCIM team) can recruit sub-groups of practitioners (and/or their patients) within the ORION PBRN that are most suitable to addressing the specific focus and research question(s) of interest. The ORION project facilitates sub-studies which can utilise both quantitative and qualitative methods as well as observational and experimental approaches to research.