Chief Investigators

Distinguished Professor Jon Adams – BA(Hons), (Wales), MA (Leeds), PhD (Edinburgh)

Distinguished Professor Jon Adams is the Director of ARCCProfAdamsIM and Distinguished Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney. Distinguished Prof Adams has been awarded a Fullbright Senior Scholarship, and has previously held a prestigious ARC Professorial Future Fellowship (2015-2019) and two NHMRC Research Fellowships (2008-2015). Distinguished Professor Adams is the world-leading public health and health services researcher of informal health care. Distinguished Professor Adams has over 20 years experience in conducting research in health professional practice and decision-making, patient care and community-based health initiatives utilising a vast range of mixed-method designs and qualitative health research methods. Distinguished Professor Adams has authored over 370 academic peer-reviewed publications including 8 international health research books. Distinguished Professor Adams has attracted in excess of $15M in competitive external research funding including 20 NHMRC and ARC grants. Distinguished Professor Adams currently has an H-index of 38 and an i-10 index of 170. Distinguished Professor Adams has a long standing commitment to transnational research, research capacity building, mentoring and helping bridge the gap between research and daily routine patient care.

 Professor David Sibbritt – BMath (Hons) (Newcastle), Master Med Stats (Newcastle), PhD (Newcastle)

Image of David Sibbritt

Professor David Sibbritt is the Deputy Director of ARCCIM and Professor of Epidemiology at the Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney. Professor Sibbritt is the world-leading epidemiologist and biostatistician focused upon complementary and integrative health care, he has authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications to date and has attracted in excess of $13M in competitive government funding including grants from NHMRC, ARC and the Department of Health and Ageing. Professor Sibbritt is recognised internationally for his methodological expertise in the design and analysis of large cohort studies and health datasets and he is a collaborator on several national and international longitudinal (cohort) studies.